Welcome to Business Club France India
Welcome to Business Club France India


Events - 2014

Que Faisons Nous

Jan 2014 :

Creation of BCFI

Jan 2014:

Visit of the Indian Ambassador to France H.E. Arun K. Singh, Ambassador of India In Paris, came to Marseille for an official visit on 16th and 17th Jan 2014. He was welcomed by BCFI, for an evening of exchanges and shows organized at the ‘Cité des Associations de la Canebière’. Michèle Lemarchand, President, had gathered personnalities from economic, cultural, and academic backgrounds, as well as the Indian community of the region.

2014 : BCFI became a member of the UCCCAB (Union of Chambers of Commerce and Bilateral Clubs of Marseille)

Jun 2014 :

1st regional meetings France-India at the Chanot Parc, in partnership with the International PACA Forum.

Theme of the meetings : ‘Work with Indians, with Who? Why? How?’

Mr. Anshuman Gaur, Chief of the Economic and Commercial Section of the Indian Embassy in Paris, opened the ceremony with an intervention on the current opportunities in India. Our Partner, Mr. Udyen Jain then introduced his firm, UJA, and explained why SMEs of the region should look at India to explore various opportunites the Indian market has to offer. Then, Professor Alan Kirman conducted a presentation on ‘The Indian Economy of today, its futur, and its opportunities’.

Then the participants had a workshop on the theme : ‘Work with Indians, with Who? Why? How?’

The ceremony ended with a networking cocktail.

Sep 2014 :

BCFI participated at the meeting organized in Paris by the Government of Gujarat, on Vibrant Gujarat 2015

Nov 2014 :

BCFI participated in the event ‘Saveurs du Monde’
Every year, the UCCCAB organizes this event at the Marseille World Trade Center, with the theme of ‘Flavours of the World’, which in 2014, gathered 13 Consulates, 15 Commerce Chambers and Bilateral Clubs, along with 600 guests.

Dec 2014::

Welcoming our sponsor Mr. Udyen Jain in Marseille and met with Kedge and the IAE, as well as companies interested to develop relationships with India.

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